Information Security Basic Policy

The Company has set as its corporate concept the contribution to a peaceful and multi-cultural society by means of the travel industry.To implement this concept, the Company maintains abundant information assets and makes use of them in daily activities. We also institute appropriate information technology management, working to improve customer services and greater operational efficiency. Going forward as well, in order to provide services that satisfy customers, and to respond to the trust of customers and society, we have formulated an information security basic policy with a view to guarding information assets against such threats as accidents, disasters and crime in this highly information-intensive society, and have set the policy as guidelines for our information security measures.

1.Internal systems and information security policy preparations

The Company prepares management systems necessary for information security preservation and improvement, and formulates formal internal regulations necessary for information security.

2.Responsibility and continuous improvement in leadership

By strict observance of this policy, the Company’s executives take the initiative in appropriate management of the information assets of the Company and its customers.

3.Strict observance of legal and contractual requirements

In the conduct of business, the Company’s employees strictly observe laws, regulations, standards and customer contractual information security requirements related to information assets.

4.Employee efforts

To preserve and improve information security, employees acquire the necessary knowledge and technology, and strengthen their efforts toward security.

5.Response to illegality and accidents

The Company prepares systems to cope with information security illegalities and accidents related to the relevant laws, regulations, standards and customer contracts, and minimizes the impact of such illegalities and accidents.

June 1, 2017
Naoki Okada
President & CEO
F-ness Corporation